We are the creators of PONSIST, Global Healthcare Society, it’s Healthcare Social Media

What does that have to do with designing apparel?

Well, nothing and everything!

PONSIST is known to do things different. We are a technology platform that respects your privacy 100%. We stimulate honest peer conversations and not advertisements. We connect Healthcare Professionals without connections, followers or hashtags.
We are unsponsored and non commercial though that doesn’t mean we don’t have costs. While there are more traditional ways to raise funds, we deeply value our independence and thoroughly enjoy thinking outside the box.
So we created a store that sells amazing in-house designed apparel. And every cent of the revenue of PONSIST Store goes straight into PONSIST. It’s a win for all really.
Because as much as we love you in scrubs, you ought to wear something else every now and then.
Founder of PONSIST, Global Healthcare Society, Alinda Jansen
PONSIST and PONSIST Store are founded by Alinda Jansen. She is passionate about supporting Healthcare Professionals and she has a wicked sense of humor. That’s a winning formula when it comes to designing graphic tees, if you ask us.
By now we trust you’ll understand that if we say ‘Thank You!’ for you order, we really mean it and we do something positive with your spendings.
Other things we care about on a personal level are our planet, the people and animals on it, being honest, your trust and igniting smiles. With just a little exploring on your side you will find that all of our personal beliefs are embedded in everything we do, they form our core values.
If you want to know more about the Healthcare Social Media, head over to ponsist.com where verified Healthcare Professionals join for free.