Our Apparel

Stylish t-shirts for Healthcare Professionals, Supporting the Global Healthcare Society



Our t-shirts are made for every day wear and are prone to become the new staple shirt in your wardrobe! 

They are not too thick and not too thin, they wear snug and comfortable.


Design by PONSIST t-shirts are a so called Euro fit, which means they are slightly more fitted than the usual boxed cut of standard t-shirts.

Life Hack

Our shirts are pre-shrunk which means they won’t shrink when you start washing it. But we have a life hack for you that gives you perfect fit control:

If you want the fit of your new shirt to be a tat slimmer, wash it and tumble dry on low the very first time. Tumbling drying on low will slightly shrink your new shirt and voila, you’ve reduced the fit with a few percent overall.

If the size is perfect for you as it is or if you like the more relaxed fit, make sure to hang dry your shirt for the first 4-5 times you wash it on a gentle cycle to make sure you don’t loose any of that relaxed feel.

Be sure to check our sizing guide to find your correct size to start you out.

Crew Neck

Our crewneck shirts are double stitched on the neckline and the sleeves which gives it more durability and extra bang for your buck.

We all heart cotton

Cotton is the worlds favourite fiber because it’s soft, natural, hypoallergenic and breathable.
Most of our t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, they are the solid coloured t-shirts. Cotton is hands down just wonderful to wear, that won’t ever change. The shirts are made with special yarns that use less energy and produce less waste when produced.

Some of our t-shirts are made with a bit of polyester which makes them even softer to the touch. To be exact, apart from cotton the Light Editions Grey contains 10% polyester and the Dark Editions Heather contains 35% polyester.

Sports ready

Our Dark Editions Heather shirts are a little more stretchy because of the percentage of polyester. This combination adds to the visual texture and feel of the shirt. The flexibility of this shirt makes it the perfect choice when you plan to wear it during active sports.

Shoulder Roll

To make our shirts look even better on you, they have ‘rolled forward shoulders’. Trust us, that looks just great on humans and it fits more comfortably.



Our tank tops are a timeless favourite! They are so versatile, it's just a great quality jersey tank with a modern fit, suitable for both men and women.

Whether you wear them fashionably in the summertime or you work up a sweat in it at the gym, this tank is intended for anyone looking for quality and softness.

Solid 100%

Our solid coloured tanks are made with 100% soft cotton. Cotton clothing is most likely the oldest resource for clothing in the world. It's a great natural absorbant and therefor very suitable when it's warm or when you're working out.

Comfy tri-blend

Our tri-blend tanks are perfect for extreme work outs. Our tri-blends are made from 50% polyester and 49% soft cotton with a tat of rayon for extra softness and comfort.

Fitted for kings and queens

Our jersey tanks are not boxed and fitted just right for men as they run true to size. Women who like a more baggy and relaxed fitting tank top over a tighter one should go for their regular size. Ladies who like a slimmer fit can choose to go one size down. Whatever your style preference, you're bound to love our tanks!



Our Basic Collection is top of the line and bound to be your new go to favourite.

The sensationally coloured tees are very soft and smooth against your skin which makes them superb to wear. Basics by PONSIST are of high quality so your favourite shirt will last and last.

Basics that aren’t very basic, you see? That’s how we like it!

100% Smooth

Solid colours are 100% smooth combed and ring-spun cotton, it makes for an incredibly soft feel.

Silky Smooth

Ash and Heather Prism colours is 99% combed and ring-spun cotton with a dash of polyester for added silkiness.

Half & Half

Heather colours are 52% combed and ring-spun cotton and 48% polyester. This combination makes the shirt perfect for hot days or extreme workouts because the silky fabric dries much faster.

Active Blend

Athletic and Black Heather are 90% combed and ring-spun cotton with 10% polyester to make it well suited for activities or when you just want extra soft and smooth shirt.

Whatever your mojo, our Basics will be a wonderful companion to colour your days!