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Healthcare Apparel

Only a few things are universally loved in this world. Soft and comfortable clothing is one of them. 

In our store you will find exactly that. High quality garment that's not just a joy to wear, but also adds a pinch of wit to your day. We get that life as a doctor or a nurse is effortful and demanding. That's why we imprinted every piece in our collection with some extra added motivation. Healthcare Apparel to keep Healthcare Professionals going. (hint: check the label)

You may like to know that your purchase at PONSIST Store directly supports the Global Healthcare Society. We are the same team who created PONSIST, Healthcare Social Media. At ponsist.com verified Healthcare Professionals connect to share insights and learn from peers around the world.

Healthcare Social Media

PONSIST is known to do things differently. We are Healthcare Social Media with 100% respect for privacy. We stimulate honest peer conversations and not advertisements. We connect Healthcare Professionals without connections, followers or hashtags. We are fully autonomous, unsponsored and non commercial though that doesn’t mean we don’t have costs. We deeply value our independence and thoroughly enjoy thinking outside the box. That's why we created this store selling amazing in-house designed apparel. It’s a win for all really.

Because as much as we love you in scrubs, you ought to wear something else every now and then.

Responsible, Sustainable & Ethical

Responsible, Sustainable & Ethical Clothing for Healthcare Professionals

Custom Designs by PONSIST for custom made graphic apparel for Medical and Healthcare Professionals

Custom Designs by PONSIST

Custom Design